Signs You Should Upgrade Your Window Blinds

Blinds are one of the most important parts of your home’s design. They provide privacy, protection from the sun’s glare and help to keep your home cool.

They’re also a great way to change the overall look of a room. You can find window blinds in Glasgow to suit any property.

They’re Old

Newer window treatments are always in fashion and offer better options for temperature, privacy and sunlight control. This makes them a good option to upgrade when your old blinds are no longer in working order or look too outdated.

Whether they’re made of fabric or metal, many window blinds can be recycled at recycling centres. Depending on the material and style, you may also be able to donate them to a friend or family member.


If your window blinds are severely damaged, you may want to replace them. However, if they aren’t broken and you’re not sure if they should be replaced or repaired, there are some signs that indicate they could use an upgrade instead.

If you have any slats that are warped, this is a sign that the material inside the blinds has started to degrade. This is especially true for faux wood or wood blinds that get a lot of sunlight and heat.

Hard To Operate

If you have a blind that’s hard to operate, it could be time for an upgrade. This is especially true if you use them often or have them in multiple rooms of your home.

This problem is most likely caused by a faulty cord lock or a crushed lifting cord. To determine the culprit, try raising your blinds up a few inches and then see if the cord locks into place.

If it doesn’t, you might need a new cord or to change the location of the lock. Alternatively, you can replace all of the lifting cords in your blinds with the latest high-tech models. They may be more expensive, but they’ll save you from the tedium of replacing your old ones.

They’re Falling Out

If you have issues lifting your blinds, this could be a sign that the mechanism is faulty and needs to be replaced. It can also be a safety concern as it could fall out with enough force, which is not ideal for your family.

Another problem that many owners of window blinds encounter is that they are stuck. This happens because of a variety of factors, including children and pets.


Window treatments help you cut your heating and cooling bills, regulate your home’s temperature and make it more comfortable. They can also boost your home’s value and appeal to potential buyers, according to real estate experts.

If your blinds are too hot or cold, it’s a sign you should consider upgrading to newer, more energy-efficient options like shutters and cellular shades. Up to 30% of your heating and cooling energy can escape through a room’s windows.