Who is it for?

We offer services for couples, individuals, young people and family groups. Click on the group you are interested in to find out more.

What problems can Relate counsellors deal with?

Our counsellors are trained to deal with all types of problems,. The problems which occur most frequently in counselling are issues around marital difficulties, domestic violence, abuse, and relationships with extended and blended families.

How can Counselling help me?

Counselling helps you take time out from your situation and see it from a fresh perspective. Your counsellor will help you to think about what you can do to change your situation for the better, and enable you to explore complex or difficult issues in a safe and confidential environment.

  • 66% of clients came to Relate to improve or save their relationship with their partner.
  • 86% of clients rated the service as excellent or good.
  • At the end of counselling over 90% of clients felt they understood their problem better and felt more able to deal with it.
  • A year after completing counselling 82% were glad that they had gone

Relationship counselling

Relate counselling is open to everyone. Whether you are married, living together, in a same-sex relationship, separated, divorced or single, our confidential service can help you deal with your relationship difficulties. You can come on your own or with a partner.

The counselling will help you look at how you relate with others – the counsellor will work with you, helping you to be realistic about relationships and the choices available to you.

Relateen (youth counselling)

Relateen is a confidential counselling service for young people aged 11 to 19 (or up to 25 if in full time education). This service offers the opportunity to talk about things which are bothering you in privacy and safety, with someone who is specially trained to listen and understand. The counsellors will not judge you, but will encourage you to talk through your problems and come to your own decisions. This service operates in some schools in Havering and Barking & Dagenham, and we can also see clients at our centres.

Family Counselling

Everyone has family arguments at some time. Usually these are easily resolved or blow over, but sometimes they just get worse. This is when a Relate Family Counsellor can help you work out things in a way that’s best for everyone. Big changes in a family can cause stress for everyone, long running disputes can cause pain to the whole family, and the problems one person might be going through can affect their relationships with others. Our counsellors are specially trained to work with families to help people resolve their problems.

Surgery work

We work in conjunction with the GP’s in Havering, offering counselling to patients referred by them. We also work with some GPs in Barking and Dagenham, and clients are either seen at the surgery or at our local centres.

Psychosexual Therapy

Many of us experience difficulties in our sexual relationships at some time or other in our lives. Sometimes things get better without help, sometimes they actually get worse. Sexual problems are difficult to talk about. Therapists know this, and will quickly put you at your ease, helping you talk about your sexual concerns. The first time you meet the therapist, she will want to talk with you in detail about your sexual difficulties, so that she can assess the problem and recommend the best way forward. If therapy is advised, the therapist will design a treatment programme especially for you and you will be asked to do certain specifici tasks in the privacy of your own home. You will never be asked to undertake sexual tasks during sessions. The tasks will be directed towards resolving your particular sexual problems


When serious illness suddenly strikes a member of the family, dealing with it can be very difficult. A example of our work would be to help someone caring for a person who has had a limb amputated – this may put a strain on the family, and our counsellors would be able to help you through a time of great adjustment.

Homeless counselling

Working with the local authorities in Waltham Forest, Redbridge, Havering, and Barking and Dagenham, we offer counselling/mediation services to homeless people. To access this service you would need to contact your local authority, who would then refer you to us.