Limit Penetrating Damp in Your Home

If your property is prone to dampness then you may need a professional damp home check. If you live in a home and use it as a daycare then dampness can affect the safety of your child and other children that live there. Dampness is caused by condensation, leaks, excessive moisture and condensation due to warm air. Dampness causes annoying odour issues and promotes bacterial attack of wood. A house with penetrating damp is an unhygienic house and thus an uneconomical house to heat.

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Penetrating Damp Health Problems

Damp walls create problems because they are a breeding ground for mold, mildew, moss and other fungus. The first sign of penetrating damp is a slight dampness on the interior walls. The dampness in the basement can create a damp, humid environment that can be humid and conducive for microbial growth. This environment is perfect for the growth and proliferation of mildew, mold and mildew.

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Causes Of Damp

To understand why dampness is such a big problem in houses we first have to understand what it is and what causes it. Dampness is the result of excessive moisture in a house or in one part of a building, which is usually caused by condensation on the walls (see previous paragraph). The moisture, in turn, is a gas created due to the warmth of the surrounding environment. The gas condenses on the damp walls, which create the dampness. Dampness is often the main problem for homes, but can also be the result of poor maintenance and construction.



Condensation can form on the exterior walls of a house, also known as drip pans. This is especially common in older buildings, when external walls have not been sealed properly to prevent water vapor exchange. When not sealed, the walls retain excess moisture, creating a damp atmosphere inside the house. A more common drip pan problem is found in newer homes, as the internal doors and windows have not been sealed tightly. In these situations, dampness will seep into the living spaces through cracks in the doors and windows.


Attic Damp

Another major damping problem is found in the attic. If there is no drain to remove the dampness from the roof, condensation will form on the attic floor. The moisture will freeze, creating a problem with frost heaving in the winter months and a musty odor in the summer. In addition, the accumulated moisture can cause damage to the insulation of the house, causing insulation to expand and contract unnecessarily.

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Health Problems

Damp house problems can pose serious health hazards. Mildew and mold cause diseases and allergies, which can be deadly if they are not addressed quickly. In fact, in some cases, even one person who ingests mildew or mold may become ill. If you suspect that your home is damp, you should contact a professional immediately. A qualified and experienced plumber or building inspector can help you find and fix any amplification issues in your home, ensuring the safety of your family.