How a Labour Agency Can Help Improve Their Employees Mental Health

It can be common for people who work at a labour agency to slip through the cracks in terms of their mental health because they are generally moving from job to job without much stability. There are also less co-workers that will see them on a day to day basis to be able to tell if something is up. Here are just some of the things that a labour agency can do to help employees with their mental health. Promote a Work/Life Balance Encouraging employees to have a good work/life balance is not only good for employees’ mental health, it…

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Mindfulness & Exercise

It is no secret that exercise is great for your physical health. Exercise can improve heart health, blood pressure and can prevent osteoporosis as well as many other things. However what is not spoken about is the huge benefits exercise has on our mental health and wellbeing. Here are all the reasons why you should get active and improve your overall wellness. Endorphins Finding the motivation to get up and get active is the hardest part of exercising. Especially now when we lead such busy lives. However, have you heard of people getting ‘runner’s high’ or getting ‘addictive’ to the…

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