How a Labour Agency Can Help Improve Their Employees Mental Health

It can be common for people who work at a labour agency to slip through the cracks in terms of their mental health because they are generally moving from job to job without much stability. There are also less co-workers that will see them on a day to day basis to be able to tell if something is up. Here are just some of the things that a labour agency can do to help employees with their mental health.

Promote a Work/Life Balance

Encouraging employees to have a good work/life balance is not only good for employees’ mental health, it is also good for productivity. A labour agency should not encourage employees to work late or arrive early and they should definitely not expect them to work from home out with working hours. Instead, you should be encouraging them to take enough holidays throughout the year and to have an active social life. Employees can even go one step further and organise social events for employees.

Discuss Mental Health in the Workplace

Creating a workspace where employees feel comfortable to discuss mental health can make things a little easier for everyone. This can help employees feel secure and open to talk about mental health issues that may be bothering them, both in and outside of work. This can include talking about stress, depression, anxiety or any other type of mental illness. Managers should also be trained how to spot some of the signs of poor or declining mental health in employees and have procedures in place to check in on employees that may be going through a rough patch.

Offer Free Screening Tools at Labour Agency

Sometimes, mental health issues may not even be obvious to the people who are experiencing them. This is why it is important for a labour agency to offer screening tools to help offer information to employees who may not recognise their own symptoms of mental illness. Many will often put mental health issues down to stress or think that whatever is going on with them will get better on its own. Unfortunetly, this is not the case for many and it can take some support from an employer or a labour agency to help get them back on track.

Talk About EAP Benefits

The Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) has been set up to allow workers access to a limited number of free therapy sessions. The issue is that not many employers spend the time letting employees know that is programme exists, so many employees who may want to reach out are unaware that they can do so in this way. Take time to inform your employees of all the programmes and platforms that can offer them support if they are not willing to speak about their issues in work.

Make Wellness a Priority

Both mental and physical health should be every employer’s priority for their employees. Simple things in day to day life can help promote overall wellness, such as a balanced diet, exercise and an active social life.