Mental Health And The World Around Us

Over recent years attitudes to mental health have changed dramatically. Historically mental health has always been a taboo subject and in medieval times mental health issues were seen as a sign of witchcraft , weakness or just plain insanity. However over the last century pioneering research has shown us that mental health is a very wide reaching and complex subject that is likely to effect all of us at one stage or another in our lives. Suppresion Of Trauma And Stress During the period of the first world war Britain was one of the worst offenders when it came to…

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Damp Rot & How It Can Be Toxic To Your Mental Health

Damp can effect thousands of homes within the UK. Many homeowners do not realise there is damp rot within the home until they become ill and becomes visible in the walls of the property. There is one thing that has been linked to ramp rot and that is people ‘seeing’ paranormal activity in their home. Here is how damp rot can impact your mental health. People have been sharing stories of their paranormal experiences, or ghost stories in older homes or hotels. However there are now studies which suggest that toxic mould caused by damp rot can lead to illness…and…

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Tips for Overcoming Car Accident Trauma & Retaking Driving Lessons in Glasgow

A car accident can be an extremely traumatic experience, even minor crashes can leave people feeling anxious and scared to get back in a car, especially getting back in behind the wheel. This article will give you a helping hand of what to do to cope with your trauma and get back to your daily life and activities again. Just remember that everyone deals with these things differently, some will be fine after driving once, some may need psychotherapy and some may wish to opt for driving lessons in Glasgow to help get their confidence back up, some may want…

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