Physical Therapy After a Workplace Injury Involving a Pallet Jack

If you work in a warehouse, factory or any other type of industrial setting, then you may be familiar with the pallet jack. Here are some of the causes of pallet jack related injuries, as well as why physical therapy could help you after a work-related injury.

parking pallet jack

Have You Had a Workplace Injury Involving a Pallet Jack?

Pallet jacks can cause very serious injuries and this can be due to many reasons; improper training, negligence and inappropriate behaviour can all be traced back to the source of the problem.

Between the years of 2002-2016, there were a reported 56 major injuries that occurred which involved pallet jacks. This included injuries such as;

  • 25 fractures
  • 4 fatalities
  • 8 amputations

When you think of this in the grand scheme of things and remember that these statistics took place over 14 years, it doesn’t seem so bad. But pallet jacks are still extremely dangerous, with the injuries that can be both life-altering and life ending. Due to this, it is essential to be aware of the risks.

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What Causes Pallet Jacks to Become Unsafe?

Insufficient Training/Supervision

Pallet jacks can be safe when used properly, this is why training is so important. All staff members who need to use or manoeuvre a pallet jack should be supervised until fully trained. Proper training procedures need to be put into place in order for staff to know the ins and outs of pallet jack safety. Companies who do not train their staff efficiently to use equipment and machinery are often liable for injuries that occur in the workplace.

Pallet Jack Not Maintained

Ensuring that the pallet jack is maintained and in good working order is also essential to help prevent accidents from happening. All equipment should be periodically serviced and checked for any issues. If there is an issue with a pallet jack, it should not be used by anyone until it is fixed or has been replaced altogether.

Immature Behaviour

Workplace accidents involving pallet jacks can occur when employees don’t take safety seriously. There are countless videos online of employees who are using pallet jacks to race or ride in the workplace. It is essential that any behaviour like this is nipped in the bud and proper disciplinary action is undertaken to help ensure no accidents happen.

pallet jack race

Physical Therapy After a Workplace Injury

If you have been involved in a workplace injury involving a pallet jack, then you may be wondering what you can do.  If you are struggling with certain types of movement after a workplace injury, whether this be due to pain or stiffness, then physical therapy may be the right step forward. There are many benefits of going through physical therapy after any workplace injury but especially if it involves equipment, such as a pallet jack. These benefits include;

  • Restore function and movement
  • Relieve pain
  • Improve strength and conditioning
  • Promote long-term health
  • Reduce injury time
  • Helps prevent risk of future injury
  • Correct imbalances and improve work conditions