Relationship Counselling – Is It Worth It?

Why Couples Attend Counselling

There are an estimated 3 million people in the UK whose marriages are struggling. The greatest problems are financial difficulties, lack of understanding and differing libidos. It would be a welcome thought that we can go to a trained professional whenever we are having trouble with our partners, and they will wave their magic wand and make everything ok again. But is this really the case? A lot of couples think that merely turning up to relationship counselling will be enough, but both parties need to be committed to fixing the relationship, or there’s no point in trying.


What To Expect From Relationship Counselling

One of the most difficult obstacles regarding relationship counselling is admitting that there is a definite problem that you wish to remedy, and then making the first appointment. The first appointment will be more of a consultation. The counsellor will try and decide the best course of action for you going forward then make another appointment if both parties are happy to proceed.

Relationship counselling will most likely not be a pleasant experience. Both parties need to be prepared to hear some difficult truths. You may learn things about your partner that you never knew before. It is also possible that something may slip out of your mouth that you didn’t know about yourself before. So do prepare for some uncomfortable conversations.

Couples also need to expect that relationship counselling will not work straight away. Couples must be patient. Multiple sessions will be required, so giving up shortly after starting is not advised. This is why it is so important that couples who attend relationship counselling are both completely committed.

The end result of relationship counselling may not be what you initially expected

The End Result

Some couples leave it too late to attend relationship counselling. They wait until crisis point before deciding to do something about it. For these couples, the counselling may be more about an amicable break up as opposed to a happily-ever-after ending. This can include financial concerns and custody conversations.  However, if couples attend relationship counselling at the right time, the prognosis is much better. Relationship counselling given at the right time can boast some pretty impressive results, with up to 60 – 70% of couples who start relationship counselling come out the other end together and happier.Relationship Counselling can make or break your relationship

Basically nobody knows how relationship counselling will work out in the end. You may work through your issues and end up much closer for it, or you may decide that the best option for both of you is to separate. Regardless, the overall aim of relationship counselling is to reach an end point where both parties share a mutual understanding that the course of action you have decided upon is the best for both of you.