Our New Carpark And Entrance Way

Our practice was in dire need of road resurfacing outside the entrance of the clinic. It was one of those things that got steadily worse untill it was simply too far gone. It had actually become rather dangerous by the time we decided to take action, with large holes everywhere and loose chips all over the place. After the cold and snowy winter, the car park and road ways were in a very sorry state, so we decided to do something about, as well as tell the world about the great tarmac company we worked with.


Our Tarmac Company

Roadlay is an award-winning British construction materials company based in Scotland. This British company is among the major players in the market for constructing and supporting roadways in Europe. The company’s core businesses lie in producing high-quality modular road and tunnel infrastructure, road landscaping, underpasses and bridges, retaining walls, retaining embankments and control structures, public amenities, road safety and vehicle maintenance. The infrastructure projects comprise roads and tunnels for over 500 million Europeans. With the highly experienced and skilled employees of this tarmac company you can be assured that your project will be delivered to its optimum potential, in tune with the legal requirements and specifications of local and national authorities.

Industry News

A major highlight of the UK construction industry was its successful bid to construct the tunnel under the English Channel in the early part of the last decade. This was also instrumental in constructing the London Eye and the London commuter airport. This British company also tackled the expansion of airports in Birmingham and Manchester. In recent years they have been expanding their horizons by acquiring stakes in two other important cities in the UK, Widnes and Crete.

What Can They Do For Me?

Many people are unaware of the long list of clients and services that most tarmac companies have. These include major multinational companies, construction and building societies, local authorities, universities and hospitals. This company also provides liability insurance for any accidents or injuries that may happen during or after any work carried out by its employees.

If you are not sure whether this Construction Company can meet your needs, then please send them your requirements and information. You can even share your ideas and ask for quotations from other companies. In no time at all you will have a strong, well structured and perfectly functioning company. A company that will cater to your every need.