What Is So Unique About London?

The abundance of green spaces and parks in London is one of the many reasons the city is so unique. If you’re visiting, take a stroll in some of the beautiful parks. The city has many quiet spots to sit and chat with friends.

The city has many internationally famous landmarks, including the London Eye, Big Ben, St Paul’s Cathedral. The city is home to over 240 museums. Some play an important role for the tourists and are free to visit. The British Museum is a historic gem in Bloomsbury, and it was originally a national library and antiquities. Today, it houses more than seven million artefacts from around the world. The Royal Academy of Arts and the National Gallery were founded in 1769 and occupies a prominent position in Trafalgar Square.

The LGBT community is huge in London, with a number of gay bars and clubs. In fact, there are over 100 gay bars in the city. You can even enjoy ‘Alternative Comedy’ in the capital, thanks to The Comedy Store and the West End. This is a city that has a strong and diverse cultural scene. For instance, there are around 100 venues that screen ‘Alternative Comedy’ in London.


You’ve probably seen the red buses in London, but did you know they weren’t always that colour? In the beginning, they were other colours, like yellow and green. However, when the London General Omnibus Company decided to paint the buses red in 1907, they became the iconic colour of the city. And they have stayed that way ever since. In addition to the Red Buses, you can also find other symbols of London, like the red phone booths.

The city has over 100 nationalities. It is a melting pot of cultures and languages. Its rich culture is diverse and enriched by the fact that more than one hundred countries and 100 languages are spoken in London. The diverse culture and heritage of London make it the most visited city in the world. It is no wonder that so many people are drawn to this amazing city.