How to Combat Post-Op Depression after Eye Bag Removal Surgery

Post-surgical depression is very common and can happen no matter what type of surgery you undergo. Many people are unaware of this common after-effect of surgery until it happens to them. Here are the causes of post-surgical depression, as well as what you can do if you are experiencing post-op depression after eye bag removal surgery.

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Causes of Post-Surgical Depression

Some of the most common causes of post-op depression after eye bag removal surgery include;

General Anaesthetic

Many people don’t know that the chemicals that are left in your body from general anesthetic. These can remain in your bodies tissue for up to 3 weeks and can affect you both physically and emotionally.

Pain Medications

Prescription painkillers that many people are given after surgery are considered depressants, this is because it slows everything in your body down. Although taking them post-op doesn’t necessarily mean you will get depressed. Some people will be affected by it differently than others, take alcohol, for instance, some people drink it and get extremely emotional and some don’t.

Physical Restrictions

Another thing is that after eye bag removal you may have physical restrictions because of the surgery. After eye bag removal surgery, you will need to rest and not take part in physical exercise. You may also experience a lot of pain which can affect some people emotionally.

How to Combat Post-Op Depression After Eye Bag Removal Surgery

Here are some ways to help you combat post-op depression;

Support System

Having family, friends and health professionals that you can talk to is essential when it comes to combating post-op depression after eye bag removal surgery.

Plan a “Recovery Station”

A recovery station should include things such as snacks, magazines, water, phone, TV remote, a book. This should be easy to reach without much movement and this will allow you to access everything you need without having to move or rely on someone else.

Follow Surgeons Instructions

Whatever the surgeon advises post-op make sure you stick to it. You shouldn’t drink alcohol for at least 3 weeks or until you have been taken off pain meds by your doctor. Ensure that you take on board any advice given including not getting involved in strenuous activities.

Take a Break

Don’t try and go back to work straight after eye bag removal. Take some time off and let yourself recover. Not only can going back to work too soon have an impact on your physical health after surgery, it can also affect your mental health.

Be Patient

Healing after eye bag removal takes time, that’s why it’s important to be patient with your healing process.

Eat as Well as You Can

It’s important to eat healthy foods that are full of vitamins and minerals following surgery of any sort and eye bag removal is no exception. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and try and refrain from constantly eating junk food during your recovery period. If you have any questions, then be sure to ask your surgeon or doctor.

Call Your Surgeon

If you have any worries at all about your physical or mental health following a procedure for eye bag removal, then get in contact with your surgeon. They will be able to reassure and give you advice.

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