List of Things to Expect when attending a Therapy Session

If you haven’t been to a therapy session before then you may be wondering what to expect. Understanding what happens during sessions is beneficial as it can put your mind at ease and help you feel more positive about sessions. The team at Relatene London have come up with a list of different things you can expect from Therapy Sessions. Things you can expect from a therapy session are:

  • Signing forms
  • Talking about problems
  • going over sessions

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What a Therapy Session do for you


Therapy can be used for a number of reasons, including major life changes and getting over fears. Attending a therapy session can help you in many ways because they guide you on how to work on goals that you feel you can’t complete on your own. They can help you overcome things that you never thought you could. For example, help you when going through a hard time. Therapists can even help you get over fears that may be getting in the way of your daily life.

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First Therapy Session



When you go to your first therapy session you may be expected to fill out numerous forms with your personal details. This is to ensure you are able to get the right help you need for the things that are bothering you. At the first therapy session, you will be asked to go into detail about the problems you have. This will be able to help your therapist draw up plans for different therapy sessions you will have.


Second Session


In this session, your therapist will go over the previous session to see if the steps taken have helped you in any way. If you don’t feel the help given during the treatment was useful then your therapist will come up with new ways that can help you deal with the problems you are having.


Planning Sessions

After the first few sessions, your therapist will give you a recommendation of how often you will meet. Your therapist will also tell you how many more sessions you need in order to help