Love of Lagavulin Whiskey Made Me Realise My Alcohol Addiction

The Early Signs of Alcohol Addiction and When to Get Help

Ordering a Lagavulin Whiskey at the bar after a tough week in the office is one of the greatest feelings I’ve ever had in my life. Bettered only by the birth of my second child (first was great but a serious pain in the backside now). Now you know what Lagavulin Whiskey means to me you can imagine my delight when I did this on a Friday night at Glasgow Airports bar. En route to Majorca for a ten-day break. Well needed. Buzzing.

Bottle of Lagavulin Whiskey Packed

This was the feeling I experienced a year ago before jetting off with the family on a holiday which has changed my views on alcohol for the rest of my life. I had obviously packed a bottle of Lagavulin whiskey for the week. This was supposed to last the duration of the holiday, however after two nights of the kids falling asleep early my wife Sharon and I ended up going a little bit too far on the booze. You know that age old saying though; when in Majorca.

Lagavulin Whiskey

Identifying Early Stages of Addiction

Our third day in Spain and we didn’t have a drop of Lagavulin Whiskey left. This would not have occurred had we known that there would be no Lagavulin Whiskey available in any of the surrounding supermarkets. In hindsight this was the biggest mistake of my life, other than my first child obviously. Why was it the biggest mistake of my life? How about you try walking around a Mercadona in Spain in your best Spanish accent exclaiming “you sell Lagavoolan whiskiee?”

Lagavulin Whiskey

In the end our search efforts were to no avail. A Spanish brand of whiskey Portocollo was purchased instead in the hope the taste wouldn’t be too far away from our beloved Lagavulin whiskey. We couldn’t have been more wrong. For the first two days all I could think about was that beautiful drink of Lagavulin whisky at night. Kids having arguments down the beach or in the pool, moaning at being dragged round the shops even though I was spending a fortune on them, seemed trivial when I knew I was having a glass of the finest Lagavulin whiskey that evening.

Lagavulin Whiskey

The Warning Signs

With Spanish own brand whiskey, I knew very quickly this wasn’t the same feeling or taste I had before. Arguably, the taste wasn’t actually much worse. Some may have even struggled to notice the difference. Not me. I had grown so attached to the Lagavulin brand that the next eight days of my holiday had a cloud over it as I knew I didn’t have my beloved Lagavulin to look forward to at nights. Being without my favourite brand, Lagavulin Whiskey, genuinely cast a huge cloud over the remainder of my holiday abroad and I couldn’t wait to get home. Upon returning home the first place I went to was the supermarket to purchase a bottle of Lagavulin whiskey. After I’d finally met this burning need which had eaten me alive for the duration of my holiday, I realised that I shouldn’t feel so empty without a drink. It wasn’t right, and I knew I needed to get help. The power of counselling was incredible and I am now in complete control of the quantity of alcohol I drink and when I drink it. It’s the greatest feeling in the world.