Guide on How to Tell Your Significant Other that You’re in Therapy

We all know that relationships are tough. Whether it’s getting used to a new partner’s annoying habits or keeping the romance alive in a twenty-year marriage, relationships take work. Of course, one of the toughest things in a relationship is letting your significant other know all the little things about you that you usually keep private. Although it isn’t essential to share every single tiny detail of our existence, it is important, to be honest with your partner and let them get to know the real you. The fact that you are in therapy is one of the things that…

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Booked Your First Mediation Session? Here’s How to Prepare:

Mediation is when you go to a qualified third party to resolve a dispute without going to court. A mediator is someone who holds mediation sessions and acts as an impartial witness to discussions. The mediator will keep the conversation flowing and interject if someone is not contributing effectively or becoming hostile. Mediation has been used for years to solve contract disputes, disputes with neighbours, but most commonly family disputes, specifically divorce and separation. Although this is a very responsible and healthy route to go down, awaiting a mediation session can cause a lot of anxiety and distress in many…

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